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30/01/2019 Namecoin trading pairs added comm0
18/01/2019 Bitcoin Cash trading pairs comm0
30/12/2018 Maintenance finished comm0

Bitcoin Cash trading pairs

18/01/2019 20:03 from Admin

Dear users, We just added new trading pairs BCH/USD, BCH/BTC, BCH/RUR, BCH/EUR, BCH/LTC, BCH/ETH, BCH/DASH and BCH/ZEC
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Admin: chat is working perfectly

ccapacco7da: srgserg

diesdiemdocet: noone here

diesdiemdocet: reqest error

Admin: diesdiemdocet, where?

Admin: everything is working well

d4secure: cool

sama441mos: hi

sama441mos: is this ?

Admin: sama441mos, hi. no it is not.

mrfusion: so how do I know this is no scam?

mrfusion: Admin, did you build the site yourself or do you have access to the original code of BTC-e?

mrfusion: Ok, SCAM it is

Admin: mrfusion, does it matter if I have build the site by myself or got the original code of another exchange?

Admin: mrfusion, ifit is a scam, then you are a scammer

mrfusion: Admin, It does matter for me. If you are just a guy who made a website or a guy from the old btc-e crew, it matters for me in trusting you.

Admin: mrfusion, we are not related with btc-e nor wex in any way

laugh26: hello admin how do i add my project to your exchange

Admin: laugh26, hi. which project?

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